Oxford Cancer Analytics - Immunoassay Scientist

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5 days ago

About Oxford Cancer Analytics

Oxford Cancer Analytics (OXcan) is on a mission to drastically transform cancer early detection and managements to impact billions of lives worldwide. The multidisciplinary team has invented DEcancer, a liquid biopsy blood test developed via cutting-edge proteomics and machine learning that can detect the deadliest cancers early, when they can still be cured. This blood test can be conducted in an affordable, minimally invasive, and routine manner in large populations, which are characteristics that are not possible for existing tissue biopsy and complex imaging approaches.

Lung cancer accounts for the highest proportion of cancer mortality worldwide. OXcan is focusing on making DEcancer initially for lung cancer patients, while working in parallel to address other cancer types and to expand to offer their services to international healthcare systems. With state-of-art proprietary machine learning approaches, OXcan can detect the deadliest cancers early with unprecedented accuracy compared to leading competitors. To scale further, OXcan’s highly versatile proteomics and machine learning platform can be deployed to wide use cases in other cancers as well as broader disease and scientific research sectors, including autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases.

Within 4 months of closing their oversubscribed seed round of £1.28million, OXcan is already actively working with 10 hospitals spanning Oxford in the UK, North America, and Asia to enable early cancer detection and curative treatments. They have set up pipelines for clinical trials with over 1,000 patients for the most comprehensive lung cancer biobank and analysis of its kind.

Job Details

We seek new team members with a strong background in immunoassay who will be primarily conducting automated ELISA for the development of biomarker diagnostics, to join a vibrantly diverse world-class research team with expertise in cancer research, machine learning, data science, and bioinformatics on a mission to bring hope to cancer patients and their families.

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