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Use OBN to conduct surveys of interest to your business or institution.

We have carried out surveys for governement bodies as part of consultancies, for the University of Oxford and for other clients.  We use the SmartSurvey tool which allows customised templates and also retains data on UK-based servers.

Please email Jonathan Rohll for more information.

Remuneration survey

OBN supports anonymous data collection for Biotech Personnel’s survey analysing base pay, bonuses, share option allocation and fringe benefits.

The 2016 data from 41 companies covered 337 senior managers from Chief Executive or Executive Chairman through to Head of Department.

At more junior levels, data covered 1899 employees from Section Heads to Technicians. The survey also included support staff, non-executive directors and consultants.

For further information, contact Rod Cook tel: +44 (0)1865 865247.