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One of the major services OBN can offer Members is our purchasing consortium. Read on to find out how it works and what kind of savings your company could be making.

Consortium Suppliers


Real member savings - examples

Company SizeMicro (1-5)
Spend without discount£9342
Spend with discount£3134
Yearly Membership£650
% Saved66.5%
Company SizeSmall (6-20)
Spend without discount£131673
Spend with discount£68824
Yearly Membership£850
% Saved47.7%
Company SizeMedium (21-50)
Spend without discount£172977
Spend with discount£51277
Yearly Membership£1800
% Saved70.4%
Company SizeLarge (51-100)
Spend without discount£461822
Spend with discount£327388
Yearly Membership£2500
% Saved29.1%
Company Size Spend without discount Spend with discount Savings Yearly Membership % Saved
Micro (1-5) £9342 £3134 £6208 £825 66.5%
Small (6-20) £131673 £68824 £67849 £1050 47.7%
Medium (21-50) £172977 £51277 £121750 £2000 70.4%
Large (51-100) £461822 £327388 £134434 £2750 29.1%

100+ Member companies together saved more than £10 million in last two years

  • Average savings up to 50% against list price
  • Big or small, office or laboratory – any type of business saves money
  • Low cost of entry – all OBN Full Members eligible to take part
  • UK’s most comprehensive and cost-effective group purchasing solution for life sciences companies
  • OBN has introduced a new Procurement Platform in early 2019. This platform includes all of OBN’s approved providers and Full Members of OBN will be able to access it. The Procurement Platform will save members time and money and enable them to have a greater overview and control of spend.

Consortium Suppliers


Find out more

Have an assessment of how your spend could be reduced!  For this and any other Purchasing Consortium information contact the Head of Purchasing and Membership, Lee Pratley by email, or tel: +44 (0)1235 420 876

Purchasing Consortium Testimonials

“The purchasing consortium setup by OBN is an outstanding example; the savings are so helpful”
Dr Erik Miljan, CEO, BioDivide

“Ipsen Bioinnovation (formerly Syntaxin Ltd) has been a member of the OBN purchasing consortium since its infancy in 2008.  The OBN scheme enabled us to secure larger discounts than would have been possible on our own, which in turn helped us to maximise the use of investor money.  The value for money and support provided from Lee and his team has been invaluable.”
Lewis Burke-Smith, Purchasing and Site Support Manager, Ipsen Bioinnovation

“Just wanted to express our thanks to you and the OBN Purchasing Consortium for playing a major role in helping us achieve considerable savings on our laboratory consumables. We have been a member of the scheme for the last 5 years and we hope to see this relationship grow stronger in the
coming years.”

Sasha Santic, Accounting & Procurement Co-ordinator, CEM Analytical Services Ltd. (CEMAS)