Isansys Lifecare has been named as one of the top 20 medtech companies in the UK.

BusinessCloud’s inaugural Medtech 50 ranking celebrates the country’s most innovative start-ups, scaleups and established firms developing technologies to help diagnose and treat existing conditions – mostly in a hospital or clinical setting – and other biotechnology companies.

Hundreds of companies were shortlisted for potential inclusion in the MedTech 50. The final ranking was determined by a combination of a public vote and selections from an expert judging panel, with Isansys being voted in the top 20.

Isansys CEO and co-founder Keith Errey said: “We are delighted that Isansys has been recognised by BusinessCloud in this way. The Patient Status Engine is available for both in-hospital and the remote monitoring of patients which is helping shift the paradigm from reactive to proactive care while moving patients from high-cost hospital environments to lower cost, safer and less stressful community and home-based settings. This allows providers to reduce risk, costs, readmissions, and demand on the health system. It also improves the patient experience and empowers teams to safely monitor, manage and engage patients at home.

“The work we are doing with hospitals and healthcare providers both in the UK and internationally is very much the future of patient monitoring and accurate real-world data collection and is making a significant difference to not only healthcare professionals but to the lives of their patients and their families as well.”

The Patient Status Engine integrates clinical wearable sensors and predictive analytics into a fully certified medical device and a complete end-to-end wireless platform. Automatically collecting and analysing patients’ vital sign data in real time, the PSE enables doctors and nurses to see, at a glance, if a person’s health is deteriorating. This means healthcare teams can effectively see into the future, hours or even days before an event occurs, allowing them to take early preventative action and reducing adverse events and improving a patient’s chance of recovery.

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