Arecor innovative product formulations applied to oncology and rare orphan diseases

Cambridge, UK, 19 March 2020: Arecor Limited (“Arecor” or “the Company”), the biopharmaceutical company advancing today’s therapies to enable healthier lives, announces that it has extended its multi-product collaboration with a US-based clinical stage biotechnology company.  Under the collaboration, Arecor will leverage its Arestat™ technology to develop liquid formulations of two proprietary novel products in oncology and a rare genetic orphan condition.

The partner is currently funding the development work and has the option to acquire the rights to the formulations and associated Intellectual Property under separate milestone-bearing licenses at pre-agreed financial terms.  This partnership further demonstrates the flexibility of Arecor’s Arestat™ technology platform in delivering formulation solutions in this case for both multi-valent antibodies and recombinant fusion proteins.

Arestat™ is a world leading, innovative and proprietary formulation technology platform which significantly enhances the properties of therapeutic proteins and peptides.  Arestat™ has the unique potential to deliver superior formulations of both new chemical entities and also existing products which would otherwise not be possible.

Sarah Howell, Chief Executive Officer of Arecor, said:  "This multi-collaboration with a fast growing US biotech company demonstrates the adaptability of the Arestat™ platform.  Not only do these key products represent Arestat™’s ability to support the development of clinical stage assets across a range of therapeutic areas, but also demonstrate the potential of the technology to deliver superior liquid formulations of novel format proteins, further expanding and advancing the application of Arecor’s expertise across the spectrum of product development.”

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