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Jackie Taylor's Articles

Air Products extends agreement with OBN

Air Products is pleased to announce that it has extended its agreement with OBN for another two years. It means that OBN members can benefit from preferential rates on liquid gases and associated equipment from Air Products until at least 2023.

Air Products: Is LN2 the right choice for your laboratory freezers?

Liquid Nitrogen is known to be an effective coolant, although there can be a reluctance to make the switch, with some thinking it is expensive, unsafe or just too much hassle to manage the change. However, with its proven performance as a refrigerant and significant advances in liquid nitrogen delivery and storage, concerns over switching could be outdated, so maybe it’s time you take another look.

Air Products: Is it time to upgrade from aluminium storage container freezers to a larger automated freezer?

Often, research projects or sample storage facilities will start small, using just one or two containers - often referred to as ‘dewars’ - to store a few samples. As the facility grows, more and more containers are added until you have a makeshift cryo-room which probably looks something like the above image.

AirProducts: Mechanical v Liquid Nitrogen Sample Freezers

Nitrogen vapour freezers, an alternative to ULT Mechanical freezers? Both methods of long-term, ultra-low temperature sample storage have their pros and cons. But which is better?

The Cost of Mechanical Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

ULT or ultra-low temperature sample freezers are found in bio-banks and labs everywhere. But few people know the impact these freezers have on both the environment and your wallet.

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