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OBN Digital: Rapid hit discovery with DNA-encoded library technology using DyNAbind® kits, kindly hosted by Merck

Event Start Date: 13/05/2021 13:00

Event End Date: 13/05/2021 14:00

DNA-encoded libraries have revolutionized hit and lead discovery, enabling researchers to simultaneously screen large libraries of compounds against their protein target of interest. Though powerful, the barrier to entry for this technology has been high, requiring either a robust, in-house DEL technology platform, or an expensive, milestone-driven service agreement with an outside party. In collaboration with DyNAbind, Merck KGaA has introduced two off-the-shelf DELs, granting access to this powerful technology for a fraction of the usual cost.

Join us to learn about the kits available from Merck who offer two kits for screening: one for fragment screening and the second a 10 million compound standard library. Fragment-based screening offers a way to find hits for challenging targets. The fragment kit is based on dynamic fragment screening technology developed at DyNAbind in which fragment binding pairs become enriched during selection from >370,000 possible pairs. An advantage of the small library is that it enables the QC of each fragment in the library improving the overall quality of the results. In contrast to the fragment library, the 10 million compound library offers larger more drug-like molecules to provide hits farther along in the development process. After PCR and nextgen sequencing by the user, data can be loaded on our free and secure portal that reveals the structures for the top hits.

This presentation will help you learn more about these kits and the science behind them.

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