OBN BioLearn™

New for 2017!

OBN are delighted to announce the launch of OBN’s BioLearn™ – a rejuvenated programme of training events for anyone working within the Life Sciences industry


OBN BioLearn™: How the drugs discovery industry works

OBN BioLearn™: Presentation skills for scientists

OBN BioLearn™: How to deliver the perfect investor pitch

OBN BioLearn™: How to maximise your business with social media

BioLearn™: How the drug discovery industry works

This course is most suitable for those who are new to the drug discovery industry, in non-scientific roles or beginning careers as a scientist, to help gain or develop in depth knowledge of the sector.


During this half-day course the structure and commercial environment of the biopharmaceutical industry will be covered, and will also:

  • Explain how the biopharmaceutical industry operates at the technical and commercial levels
  • Highlight areas in the industry of relevance to organisations that commercialise R&D
  • Help non-technical staff to understand some of the terminology and jargon used in the industry
  • Help those with an existing scientific background re-familiarise themselves with industry processes


Suitable for:

  • Non-scientists: to help build overarching knowledge of the sector and help improve confidence for staff in handling future projects
  • Scientists: the overview of the industry structure and processes covered will still be useful for scientists and engineers who wish to familiarise themselves with the industry

2017 Course Dates


20 February 2017 – Milton Park, Oxfordshire – book here

8 June 2017 – London (venue TBC) – book here

Course Prices


OBN Member – £200+VAT | Non-Member – £350+VAT


A working lunch will be provided on the day

BioLearn™: Presentation skills for scientists

Showcasing your company or latest innovation  to the industry is an essential part of successful growth, yet it can be a daunting prospect.


Our course facilitators, who specialise in both science and communication skills, can help alleviate the common issues associated with public speaking such as nervousness and voice control.


This one day course, unlike many other presentation skills courses, is designed specifically for the practising scientist. The course will cover all aspects of verbal scientific communication, and encourage delegates to present their own research in a conference format prompting feedback on style and content.


The course will begin with practical instruction on key topics associated with slide content and the process of verbal delivery. Each delegate will then be invited to deliver a short scientific presentation with digital slides followed by a question and answer session. The process will be filmed and played back to highlight positive aspects of delivery style and talk content, as well as to identify areas that require improvement.


Suitable for:

Junior research scientists of all disciplines from academia and industry, particularly those starting to present their work at conferences and seminars.

2017 Course Dates


2 March 2017 – Milton Park, Oxfordshire – book here

4 May 2017 – London (venue TBC) – book here

12 October 2017 – Manchester – book here

Course Prices


OBN Member – £300+VAT | Non-Member – £450+VAT


A working lunch will be provided on the day

BioLearn™: How to deliver the perfect investor pitch

The outcome of an investor pitch will heavily rely on how clearly and confidently a presentation is delivered.


This course will provide a practical insight into the mindset, requirements and investment criteria of private equity investors active in the life science industry including business angels, venture capitalists and big pharma investors as well as public funding institutions.


During the session the facilitator will provide an in-depth breakdown on what specific investors are looking for, their ‘sweet spots’, preferred language and how to package and structure information from a business plan and turn it into a pitch document.


The following areas will be discussed during the course:

  • Pitch content & structure – converting your business plan into a pitch deck
  • Pitching with impact – improving individual presentation delivery skills
  • Rapport & trusthow to build and maintain when pitching to investors
  • Communication skills – for attracting new investors and maintaining existing investors
  • Express pitching – to sharpen the ability to express the proposition in just a few sentences


The course will also feature a guest speaker – a venture capitalist or angel investor from the life sciences sector to provide a more tangible and realistic investment insight followed by a brief Q&A session.


Suitable for:

Anyone from an R&D company responsible for fundraising

2017 Course Dates


13 April 2017 – Cambridge (venue TBC) – book here

14 September 2017 – London (venue TBC) – book here

9 November 2017 – Oxfordshire (venue TBC) – book here

Course Prices


OBN Member – £300+VAT | Non-Member – £450+VAT


A working lunch will be provided on the day

BioLearn™: How to maximise your business with social media

Social media platforms, when used correctly, are a great way to allow businesses to directly interact with existing and potential customers and build a strong online reputation in a cost-effective way.


Aimed at helping you and your employees build a good foundation in the world of social media, this course provides an equal balance of interactive presentation, discussion and group work on the applications that are essential to businesses and companies in their marketing mix.


This course will help demystify the subject and give you a clear understanding of how your organisation can effectively use applications such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for engagement, promotion, educating, listening and much more and will cover the following content:

  • Social Media Fundamentals
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Blogging
  • LinkedIn


Suitable for:

Our one-day course is perfect for business owners and employees who are new to social media practices as well as those looking to enhance their existing knowledge

2017 Course Dates


8 March 2017 – Oxfordshire (venue TBC) – book here

21 July 2017 – London (venue TBC) – book here

7 December 2017 – Manchester (venue TBC) – book here

Course Prices


OBN Member – £300+VAT | Non-Member – £450+VAT


A working lunch will be provided on the day

For any queries regarding our OBN BioLearn™ events, please contact Sarah Walker, Events Manager by email, or tel: +44 (0)1235 420 881