Other Event Services

Events support services

We also offer several services to support the core events activity. Please take advantage of these, in particular the substantial registration discounts available at conferences organised by our partner EBD Group and Bio2Business.

If you would like to receive Event Alerts please contact Stephen Barton

If you would like to advertise an event please contact Stephen Barton.

There are excellent opportunities to raise the profile of your organisation by sponsoring an OBN event.
For more information please mail Lee Pratley Associate Director of Purchasing and Membership Development, or call him on 01235 420  876.

Member Company employees are eligible for registration discounts at the partnering events organised by our partners EBD Group and Bio2Business shown below. These discounts are worth a total of over £1200 per employee – giving you even more value for your OBN membership and defraying the cost of Membership. Members may access the codes here:

Access Discount Information

If your favourite meeting is missing because we may be able to negotiate a deal with the organisers to save you money on the registration fees, especially if you are new company. Please contact OBN Membership